The Best Unlimited Online Backup and Cloud services

When taking about unlimited online backup services,Online Backup and Cloud services its more of the traditional type back up software. The important thing with this online back services is that they enable transmission of data safely over the internet and significantly store the data on the available servers which are usually located on qualified data centers.

The generally advantage of having your data stored at some place that is away from your premises is that it ensures that your data is safe from unacceptable things like local disasters, fire or even theft. In the following discussion we are going to focus on some of the popular unlimited online backup services that are commonly used by people.

Back Blaze

This is one of the popular online backup service that is preferred by many because of the kind services that it offers. One of the most liked service that is liked by many is the kind of pricing that it gives to its customers and importantly the simplicity of the whole service.

Back blaze normally do not have limits in terms of the amount of size that you want to back up and therefore you can backup up to 100 GB of files and four thousand videos of about 3hours. Back blaze charges a fee of $5 a month with unlimited amount of storage. If you prefer to have a plan purchase of two years you can get a reduced price of $3.96.

Crash plan

This is another peoples favorite backup service that is loved of its effective cost, excellent software and the settings of its features. Crash normally has a very good interface and very excellent features such as a web-based restore options, 448-bit level of encryption and a backup that is continuous.

Online Backup and Cloud services

Crash plan a monthly unlimited plan of $5.99 and importantly this plan allows an online storage that is unlimited. For very many computers around 10 there is unlimited offer of $13.99 monthly fee and the similar account that regular charges are done.


This an exception backup that is automatic, easy to use, reliable and is easy to do a restoration from carbonite. Most people run for the carbonite services because they have a very good plan. Those who have tested the services of carbonite can witness that they are positive and one of the best.

Carbonite charges a fee of $500 for personal basic account. Carbonite also has two higher tiers that people pay for. The personal prime and the personal plus. The two run at an amount of $8.33 and $12.50 monthly fees charges respectively.

SOS Online Backup review

This is a big backup service that plays the storage services for the good reasons. It allows only a single backup but at the same time gives you options to choose from a variety of

storage capacities. All this options can support up to five computers and the cheapest is 50GB with cost fee of $3.75. Unlike the other unlimited backup services, SOS does not offer continuous backup alternatives.

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