What Decisions to Consider When Buying a New Computer

You may be planning to purchase a computer either for home or for your business. This may seem like a small decision to make but it actually isn’t, in fact it can also be costly if you so not make your choices right.

In order to get the ideal computer that you are looking for, you will need to put a few things into consideration. The first thing you will need to ask yourself is whether you want a new, used or refurbished computer. Making this decision will solely depend on your budget. If you are looking for a good computer and working with a tight budget, then going for a used or refurbished computer is your option since it will save you some money. Unfortunately you could also make a bad purchase and buy a computer that has problems and can cause you sleep less nights troubleshooting the issues, could cause you to lose data or delay any projects that you are working on.  If you have computer problems you can visit the Philadelphia data recovery company for assistance with any situations that might require you to salvage important information.

The refurbished computers are used computers that people return to the company and they are looked at but are not sold as new again. The used ones you will get from owners of the computers who are looking to sell the computer they are using for one reason or another. When buying refurbished computers you need to look at the initial damage and also the inside just to make sure that it is working well. If there are programs that are installed in these computers, make sure that you get the CDs that will be used to operate them. When buying a used computer to safe a buck, I would certainly recommend eBay as being one of the best sources as they have a large market and will allow you to review the sellers reputation.

The buyer is always aware of what they want in a computer before buying it. Be sure to check that you have everything in that computer as per your requirements before purchasing it. The first thing someone may need is a CD burner. If you are going to be making CDs and DVDs ensure that the computer has a CD burner.

The other important thing to pay attention to is the memory. Make sure that your computer has enough memory for the intended work. The more memory a computer has the more efficient it will be. You also need to consider the type of hard drive that the computer has. The hard drive holds the final document so make sure that there is enough space in the hard drive and also check to make sure that it runs at good speed which will not slow down the entire computer while it is being used.

The other most important this to consider is the processor. There are several processor manufacturers currently who all promise that what they have is the best. If you do not know how to check the processor, you may need to sort the help of a computer guru who fully understands all about computers.

Basically what you will need to consider when buying a computer are all the important things that you are looking for including the basic things like the memory and processor. Once you get a computer that has all the functions and programs that you are looking for, you can start negotiating the price and ensure that you pay for what you want. If you are not good or familiar with the insides of a computer, look for a computer guru whom you can go shopping with so that he or she can help you make the best choice.

If Your Computer Crashed, Don’t panic

It can be quite a traumatizing experience when ones computer is crashed, but all can be solved if one knows how to go about it.

Before your computer is completely crashed, there are signs that you can keep an eye on and which can be solved before your computer is completely dead. Some of these things include computer being slow, or freezing up when you are using it, these are signs that your computer will be crashed soon if nothing is done.

Some of the basic trouble shooting steps include checking physical connections just to be sure that they are all in correctly plugged into the computer and that the monitor is at its right place.

The other thing that you can do when your computer is lagging or is freezing is to reboot the computer. Sometimes that little act of turning it on and off fixes some little mishaps. When all these fail, try removing any external things like DVDs, CDs, USB or any media cards; then when done reboot your computer. These steps are meant to rectify small problems that may eventually become a major issue.

Following these basic steps will help determine the extent of damage. If rebooting takes longer than usual or crashes all together and goes silent then you will know that you have a major problem at hand. Other signs of serious problems are when the computer indicates that ‘primary device or drive not found’ or ‘drive not formatted’ or ‘operating system not found’, the other thing that you are likely to see is a blue screen that indicates that your computer has crashed.

The four main causes of these problems are driver conflict, malware, corruption of the operating system and hardware failure.

When its malware and viruses what you need to do is have an up to date antivirus and make sure that you run scans regularly. Use one antivirus at a time so as to avoid conflicts of the two.

When dealing with a conflict in driver or device, your best option is to check for another device manger by clicking on the start menu button. The device manger will appear on top, click on it and a box will pop up and will show all devices that the computer uses to function. If the drives are not updated, there will be yellow triangles on any of those on the list. In this case you will need to update the devices.

If it is a hard drive failure you will need to replace the piece that has a problem. If prompted do not reformat the drive since it may result to losing everything including the operating system.

If it is the operating system that is corrupt, your best option is to reinstall a fresh copy of windows. This will completely clean your computer and will remove all data and programs that your computer had. It is therefore important to have back up for your data before you take an action to install a fresh copy of windows.

With all these trouble shooting points, you should be in a position to recover from a crash and continue working on your computer.  Therefore there is no need to worry should your computer crash or start developing problems like slowing down and freezing.

What is a Windows Restore Process and When to Use It

Windows restore process is that act of reversing your process after your computer fails to function properly after certain changes, either after installing a new program or using a certain application in the machine.

Windows restore process returns your machine to the where it was before your actions, meaning that it will clear anything that you installed and caused the system to be slow or even failed to work all together. This process acts a security against crashing.

The process is used after you have noticed that your computer is slow after installing a certain program or that the computer does not recognize some commands or when the machine keeps going off by itself. All these are signs that the changes done to the computer failed and can cause further damage if something is not done. When using Windows 7 you will be in a position to see what files will be added or removed when your machine is restored.

Before you start Windows restore, be sure to save and close all open files, since the restoration will involve restarting your computer. When you want to start a restore, click on the start button, and in the search box, type System Restore, then click system restore in the list that will come up. If you are asked for an administrator password be sure to put it in and confirm. Follow the instructions and restore your computer. When you are done click on finish. Your system will be back to its original form before you made changes to it.

Once you have restored your computer be sure to try and see if the problem is solved. Then look for another option to install your program or your drive. You may opt to have an external hard drive. This will therefore not affect the internal hard drive and therefore your computer will continue to function normally.

When using the Windows Restore Process, you need to be aware that is will not affect your videos, files or any documents but you need to have them all saved, otherwise they will be deleted in the process of restoration. This process is easy and does not take a lot of time. It is however advisable that you do not keep doing it over and over since other functional applications may be lost since the Windows always restored to the way the computer was initially, meaning that you will probably need to install other applications or drives that were functioning well, this however depends on the type of computer that you have.

There are some computers that give you an option to choose how you want your restore process, either to the last time it was restored or to the last three weeks or whatever options that your machine will give you. This is good because you will be in a position to know the files that will be deleted or added during the Windows restore process.

Before performing this process, you have to be sure of the cause of problem because it can be any other thing that can be rectified by a simple delete. Windows restore is used when there are complicated programs that need to the uninstalled.