Tips to Store Your Data Successfully

Look around you. When you pick up

Your phone to play your favorite game, remember those advertisements that pop up from time to time? When you read your favorite blog, you see offers from your favorite website at the corner of the page. When you search for something on Google, you get sponsored search results.

When you watch a video on YouTube, you first have to watch a commercial. Now wind back some years ago. What do you remember about advertising? Billboards. Radio advertisements. Television commercials. Newspaper spreads. The Internet has changed the way advertising is done today. Though it is true that the latter form of advertising exists too, the former has become more rampant and more effective.

The Internet has changed our lives drastically. Turned everything around on its head. Think of everything you do using the Internet. The school is no longer the only classroom. You learn through courses online, get access to the best teachers and the best course material anywhere in the world. Kids hardly go out to play in the evenings.

Looking to store your files and media without using cloud? It might be because of the security flaws in the cloud or because cloud speeds are generally slower than a local connection. Here are some of the ways you could do it successfully, without any worries.

No, we are not just talking about putting your files onto your external hard drive. Instead, you can use options like Allway Sync. With it, no matter where you move around, you can have your data synced. You sync the data on the external hard drive at first, and then when you move to a new location, you can sync it again. You can get hold of the pro version for as less as $50 for 2 computers, and it’s really the cloud without its security flaws.

Alternatively, you can just use your external hard drive as an external backup option.

Sometimes, you can encrypt all your files on your local device, when using options like Google and Dropbox. Encrypting files before you upload them to these cloud providers ensure that none else can open them, even if they do gain access to the files.

This is another great option to store and sync data securely. All you need is a device that has one or more hard drives attached to the router – and you can access all your files on your computer from your local network. It is one of the best options if you are looking to store and sync data within your organization.

Popular options include WD My Cloud Mirror which offers a private cloud option for you, and you can access all data from an encrypted internet connection.

It’s important to go in for a secure way to store data. Most organizations have to face data loss at one point of time or the other, and a cloud storage is what’s needed – but you really do not want to compromise on security for that.

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